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June 21, 2009

Taxation WITH Representation

The classic story of the American revolution is the 13 British colonies ultimately rebelled and declared independence for excessive taxation without having a voice in the British government that was taxing them. King George III was basically siphoning money out of the colonies to pay for other British operations. Land tax, Townsend tax, and the famous tea tax just to name a few. All without the colonies being able to say or do anything about it. Thus, the saying "No taxation without representation" came about.

But what about excessive taxation with representation?

What about people being taxed every which way with the blessing and even encouragement of those they elected to represent them?!

To be clear, I am not a zero tax proponent. Taxation is a required of a nation in order to fund certain functions of being an organized nation. Most notably those functions that you and I can't do ourselves and have to be done collectively. Things like waterways construction and management, international relations and management, police and emergency responders, a common military defense etc. All these things need funding and it's part of the "dues" of being in a society to help support them. You and I can't ourselves build a bridge, dig a canal, defend our shores against an attack, etc.

But what do you do when your elected officials vote for excessive taxation?

Part of the problem is defining "excessive" in terms of taxation. For 20 years in my conversations with people the same theme comes up, quote "I don't mind paying taxes because I know it's helping people", or, "I wouldn't mind paying more to help people."

Noble sentiments.

But where's the evidence that it is in fact helping?!

Seems to me there are just as many, if not more, people crying for help as ever.

And where's the line?

Surely taxes at all levels have gone up and up and up over the last 20 years with little obvious bang for the buck.

So what do you do when your elected representatives keep voting for ever higher and higher taxes?

Something to ponder.

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