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December 12, 2008

When Liberal Worlds Collide

It’s great when liberal policies and ideals contradict each other!

Some classic examples:

Encourage people to stop smoking. A very good goal, I agree. But then state tax revenues from the sale of tobacco drop so the funding for things like children’s health care drops too!

Tell people to get off the couch and get involved in some activity for exercise. Also a good idea. But then people get more injured as they do active sports.

Encourage people not to use their cars as much to save gas and lower emissions. A lot of BS in my opinion. But then complain that people are becoming couch potatoes!

Advise people to add more insulation to their homes, better windows and weather stripping etc. Then complain that indoor air quality is very poor and affecting people’s health!

Tell people how bad meat and dairy is for them. Then arrest parents with starving children who only feed they soy!

There are many others but these are some real classics.

Always remember: No good deed ever goes unpunished!

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