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November 18, 2008

Winners and Losers

Sometimes it seems the thin line between reality and fantasy is getting thinner by the moment.

Few other examples come to mind as the ever present drive to be thought of as a "winner" and not a "loser".

The problem is one of a grossly distorted view of what a winner and loser is. I'm not trying to split hairs and my readers well know I am defiantly not a feel-good liberal. But I do think the image of what a real winner and a real loser that is constantly being bombard upon adults as well as children is sinking in for the worse.

NOBODY wins all the time!

Just doesn't happen.

So then why do some people seem to be that way?

The answers are simpler than you think.

For one thing no one advertises their failures. Most people try very hard to burry their faults and failures and only highlight the few successes. And since you can't be around them 24/7/365 you most likely aren't going to be there to witness their failure.

Next, related to the above, people always put their successes into the spot light. And the public loves to accept it at face value. That is, people accept the singular success but don't know about the 99 or more other times the person failed.

Then there is the cover up. Here is where the conspiracy theorists may have some validity. People around the "winner" help the person cover up their losses. For reasons and motivations that could be anything the friends and associates of the "winner" willfully comply in helping to hide the losses and lavish praise upon the winnings. More than just a mutual admiration society it is almost cult-like in the loyalty to the "winner". I think it goes beyond just wanting to be part of the limelight and feel a share of the glory. I think some people actually believe they will ride the coat tails of the "winner" for their own personal gains. It happens.

Finally, after awhile the legend of the "winner" grows beyond the reality to the point where no one will believe the truth of their failures. So when someone does speak of the winner's loss or failure it's just brushed off.

Unfortunately not only do so many people believe this, they drive themselves hard to achieve the unachievable rather than accept the reality:

If you don't win all the time you're not a loser.

If you don't loose all the time you’re a winner.

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