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November 3, 2008

Paranormal Parlor Tricks?

In the past year several relatively new devices for detecting and communicating (as is the claims) with ghosts have been showcased on various paranormal TV shows. Devices like the K2 meter, Franks Box, and most recently as of writing this the Ovules have all become rage because of their featured use on a variety of noted TV paranormal/ghost shows.

Whether or not these devices actual deliver as billed – that is, they are steps forward in detecting and communicating with the paranormal – is a topic for another time.

But all these devices do have one thing in common – no one really knows how they work!

Their creators and promoters are purposely withholding details of the internals of these devices.

For example:

- The K2 meter is said to be tuned to specific EMF "paranormal frequencies". What frequencies would that be? How were those frequencies determined? Who determined them? How was it confirmed?

- Chris Moon controls the use of the Franks Box with an iron fist. Only 25 or so people in the entire world are allowed by Chris to possess a Franks Box (practically a paranormal God Father!). He and the anointed special people who are allowed to use a Franks Box have been very cagey as to the internals of the devices. It has been said the box is an AM radio receiver that rapidly scans the lower AM frequencies where entities communicate. How was that determined? When/how was it determined that entities "hang out" on certain AM frequencies like kids in a chat room or on a CB radio? I've seen the Franks Box in action first hand and was not impressed.

- One of the features of the Ovules (and it's brother The Puck) is the ability to correlate EMF measurements to a number that corresponds to a word. So when the EMF reading is X that correlates to number N which points to word SOMETHING in a list of words burned into a chip in the device. How was this correlation of EMF to numbers determined? How and who decided what readings translate to what words? What study or research was done to support this?

In engineering there is the concept of "the black box". The black box is a generic term to mean anything that takes in data, processes it, and returns an answer but the internal workings (the processing method or approach, the very "thing" inside the box) is completely unknown. You can feed the black box different data and perhaps by carefully studying the answers you get back make some guesses as to what is in side the box. But you still don't know for sure what is in it.

I get the feel these devices are the paranormal field's "black boxes".

The designers and promoters of these devices insist they can't say what's inside or how it works for fear someone will steal their ideas.

That's load of bull!

How can any thinking person trust the result of something they don't know how it works? That's not science or investigation, not even curiosity. That's faith. Or gullibility.

Without fully knowing how these devices work inside the answers are entertaining at best, misleading at worse. But few will care.

Real paranormal investigators will take a cautious interest in these devices but will want more information on their workings. The question is: Will the inventors and promoters support the core of paranormal investigators? Or go for the thrill seekers?

My guess is that latter – that's where the money is.

Always follow the money.

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Buck said...

Excellent analysis Master Po. I have been privileged (if that is the correct term) to be present during an experiment with "Frank's Box" (aren't I lucky!?)

Let me say I was less than impressed.

I, personally see no difference between these supposed communication devices and ouija board other than these have pretty lights and buttons.

Anonymous said...

You really need to research more before you write your stuff. Whether you post this or not does not concern me.
What does concern me is that you will see this.
You say the deivces you write about are a mystery as how they work.
For gosh sakes, each of these have detailed explanations of how they work located all over the internet.
There are detailed schematics and text descriptions of these, to be found.
You only prove yourself to be uneducated when you write before you research.
I won't be coming back here... to waste my time.

MasterPo said...

Anon (how brave to post anonymously):

The K2 has been proven grossly inaccurate. It's a very sensetive EMF meter. It easliy reacts to any radio, cell phone, 2-way, alarm etc. as well as electric fields. I have also personally witnessed dozens of people moving thier finger to cause false positives. Even with the on/off modification it's not to be relied upon. Here's a link to a good study a local paranormal group did about the K2:

As for the Frank's Box, Chris Moon tightly controls who gets one. Only a tight handful of people are allowed to have one. No one has ever published an actual schematic of how it works. Lots of possibilites have been published but nothing from Moon. And you can't count the "Shack Hack" as the same thing.

Finally, even Bill Chappell says he created the Ovulus and Puck as a joke. And while it has yielded some interesting results he says all the time it's not to be taken seriously. I recently gained access to a Puck so I'll be testing that myself too.

Hope you read this.

Anonymous said...

Chris Moon DOES NOT control the Franks Box. Frank Sumption invented the Franks Box, Chris Moon ripped him off and renamed it the "Telephone To The Dead." He then charges people for readings. He does all of this without Franks consent.