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October 7, 2008

RFP – Replacement for Gasoline

The world is a buzz with "alternate fuel" talk. I think it's great that we can make usable fuel from other products besides petroleum.

But they have downsides. Significant ones.

I'm not going to list all the pros and cons of ethanol, bio diesel, fuel cells etc etc. That's all out there on the web for anyone to find.

Instead, let's be like a real business and put together an RFP for the replacement for gasoline.
Whatever replaces gasoline must include the following attributes and abilities as minimum requirements:

Must be as easy to locate and extract (yes, oil is relatively easy to get out of the ground).
Must be as easy and safe to transport (in spite of the news oil spills and files are rare).
Must be as easy to manufacture.
Must be as safe to store.
Must provide as much energy per unit as the same amount of gasoline.
Must be as reliable as gasoline (gas works well over a wide range of temperatures and humidity's)
Must be as cheap as gasoline is (regardless of the recent rise in price gas is not all that expensive)
Must be as easy and cheap to make engines that run on it (it's easy to make a gas powered motor)
Must produce no more exhaust than gasoline does (in spite of the claims of global warmers and greenies a gas powered motor is not all that polluting compared to other fuels)

These represent the lowest level base minimums an alternate to gasoline must have to be economically viable. Going beyond these would be great too but this is the minimum.

Until such a fuel is invented any alternates come with a price that's too high!

You can't save a society by destroying it.

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