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October 20, 2008

America The Great!

Yes I said it: America is a GREAT country!

It's fashionable to bash the United States these days and it's very painful to see our elected politicians smile while others piss in the face of our country yet they call it rain. Diplomacy aside, it does make you wonder.

It seems everywhere you turn for the last 10-20 years a sense of national pride in other countries is abounding. And is celebrated. But not in America. No. If you are an American and have pride in America then you're wrong. It's OK for other nationals to have pride in their country but not Americans in America.

No other nation in human history has done more for the world than America.
No other nation in history does the world turn to than America when there is a disaster, a famine, an earthquake, a big storm, a war, a plague, any crisis.

And America and Americans respond quickly. Yet we still get smacked around.


Next time there is a disaster, a famine, a plague, a war – go ask someone else to send you food and medicine and peacekeepers. Don't come here

Oh, I wish we had the stones to say that!

But we won't. Americans at the core are good people, which will probably be our undoing (the strain of trying to help everyone without getting anything in return is already showing on our society and economy!).

So until France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Greece, Luxemburg, Brazil, Argentina, India, and so on start sending massive air and boat lifts of food and medicine to the grief-stricken far flung corners of the world, be thankful for America.

The world you enjoy would be a much different place without us – and not for the better!

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