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October 3, 2011

Why Do You Insist On Peeing In My Cheerios?

As of writing this the July 4th holiday is only a few days away. And you know what that means: Someone somewhere must come out with an article, “study”, or press release that impugns and degrades the event. Sure enough, MasterPo wasn’t disappointed.

In case you haven’t yet heard, the hoity-toity Harvard University released a “study” in which they claim that 4th of July celebrations –parades, fireworks, town BBQ’s and concerts etc. – are really just an indoctrination zone for turning children into conservatives and Republicans. Incredible! So the 4th of July isn’t about celebrating the independence of America, it’s about grooming new conservatives and Republicans. So says the vaunted Harvard University.



Why is it that year in year out for every major American holiday or American celebration someone must put out something to try to degrade it or minimize the significance?

Starting in the beginning of the year there’s Presidents Day. We used to have George Washington’s birthday then Lincoln’s birthday. But now we have only 1 day. Fine. So now every year someone releases a statement about how the early Presidents like Washington and Jefferson et al were “rich” white men, slave owner, blah-blah-blah.

Then comes Memorial Day. Someone has to protest this or that American military action.

July sees the 4th of July Independence Day. First, there were those who argued it wasn’t independence for the American Indians here when the Europeans came. Bad enough. Now there’s the above mentioned Harvard “study”.

The fall sees Labor Day. Funny how no one slams big unions! But they do find cause to slam big business that hires them!

Halloween has been watered down to the point that in many locations it’s in fact illegal to go trick-or-treating! Kids get dressed up and stand on line in a mall somewhere for a small bag of candy. That’s it. Not to mention all the dire warnings about the sugar and sweeteners in the candy, how ill children can get (as if they are eating the same every day of the year), how much child obesity is a problem, etc etc. Plus there are those who say it is an offense to their religious views! (MasterPo has actually seen signs on doors during Halloween telling kids it’s offensive to ask them for candy.)
Then comes Veteran’s Day. Same slam as Memorial Day.

Thanks Giving is another American Indian protest. And the animal rights wackos cry about the turkeys.

And the crowning event of the year – Christmas! Along with its constant law suits and demonstrations about a tree or nativity scene in a park or along a road etc etc.

(Not to be forgotten but there are also many protests and law suits over Menorahs for Chanukah too. But since Judaism isn’t the main religion of America Jews have been able to avoid much of the same negativity Christians have had to face. At least so far.)

They seem to take off for New Years, probably because it isn’t a uniquely American holiday.

MasterPo gets it. You have issues with these events. Stupid, but OK. Funny how America survived – nay, prospered! – for 235 years holding dear to these holidays and traditions that now must be attacked at every opportunity.

You don’t feel like partaking of the celebration? Fine with MasterPo.

But many other do.

Please stop peeing in my Cheerios.

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Grace. said...

Hmm--I dunno about that Harvard Study. I'm pretty much a kneejerk liberal and I LOVE the 4th of July. But Po? You gotta get out more--not only have unions been taking it in the shorts politcally and in the media for years, but they are currently blamed for just about every woe in the economy.