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September 21, 2011

MasterPo Agrees with Ron Paul About Healthcare!

MasterPo Agrees with Ron Paul About Healthcare!

It’s no secret that MasterPo isn’t a huge Congressman Ron Paul fan.

While MasterPo does agree on some points like auditing the Federal Reserve, many of Ron Paul’s isolation and international policy views just aren’t real-world.

And in spite of his good stand on several issues he just isn’t electable.
But this article isn’t about what MasterPo doesn’t like about Ron Paul. Instead, it’s about what MasterPo does like about him!

Recently (as of writing this) at a Republican primary debate the moderator Wolf Blitzer posed a hypothetical question to the Congressman (paraphrased):

A 30 year old man who by his own choice has decided not to purchase healthcare insurance suddenly and unexpectedly becomes seriously ill. What should society do for him?

Congressman Paul’s answer in a nut shell: Nothing!

The man made his decision not to purchase healthcare insurance and now must live with the consequences, as extreme as those may be.

MasterPo 100% agrees with the Congressman!

Every action has a consequence. Every non-action has a consequence.

Insurance, as well as other activities of life, is about preparing in advance for things that can happen. No guarantees it will happen but that is why you decide to buy insurance (and other things) because of your own perceived judgment as to whether or not an event is likely to happen. If you deem it a rare or low risk, you do nothing and then have to suffer (yes suffer!) the consequences of not being prepared. Likewise, if you deem it a high chance and you spend the money to prepare but the event doesn’t happen, you don’t get a refund in life.

In this scenario the 30 year old made the conscious decision not to prepare for the possibility of illness (and injury) by not purchasing healthcare insurance. His decision. It is not society’s fault nor is it society’s responsibility to undo his poor decision making. If a private group like a charity wants to help him out that’s fine. But it is not up to society to now step in and catch him from his own bad or even foolish decisions.

If you say it is, then where does it stop?

Your home is robbed or burns down and you don’t have insurance. Does society owe you to replace it?

You had the ability to contribute to a 401k or IRA but didn’t. Spent the money on vacations and partying. Does society now owe you an old age income? (seems Social Security has become that)

And so on.

So where does it stop?
Who pays for it?
Is there enough money in the world to pay for it?

People are responsible for themselves.


Grace. said...

But let's add some more (made up) facts to the hypothetical. Let's say that uninsured guy was working, made a decent middle-class income, and could have afforded the insurance but simply chose not to buy. Let's also say that he has six kids and is married to a minimally-educated SAHM who will likely go on welfare when he dies, or at the very least, will get Social Security for herself and the children. Was it really such a smart decision for our country and our country's finances to let him die?

OH, and why am I the only one to regularly comment on your blog? I can't be your only reader!

MasterPo said...

So the wife and kids are his "human shields"? That's one of the ways we got into this mess - can't cut off the parents because it hurts the kids.

Once MasterPo says something on a topic there is little more of significance that can be added. ;D

Grace. said...

Ahem! Why do I have such an overpowering urge to swat the grasshopper!