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June 14, 2011

You’re Going To Pay It Anyway So Shut Up!

Yahoo Finance articles aren’t anything special. Mostly just likes from the AP, Bloomberg, CNN Money etc. But it’s not for the articles that MasterPo reads them. The Yahoo Finance users’ comments are infinitely better (usually) and more insightful as to get the pulse of what people are thinking. Not a scientific survey by any means but given that commenters are financially savvy people (why else read Yahoo Finance?) it is a good indication of what people with some means are thinking.

MasterPo was reading an article recently, about the rise of oil and gasoline. Nothing remarkable there. But in the comments was this razor’s edge pearl of wisdom someone posted:

“You’re going to pay for it because you have no choice. So just quit whining!”


Like millions of Americans, MasterPo has little choice but to pay pretty much whatever price per gallon for gasoline to get to work, the supermarket, take the kids to school and back, etc. But, also like millions of Americans, MasterPo’s wallet is faaaaaar from bottomless. Nor does MasterPo, unlike the Federal government, have a printing press in the basement. So that means in order to pay for gasoline (and heating oil) MasterPo will need to cut waaaaaay back on other expenditures.
Housing is a necessity.So is food.Medical is covered for the most part.

The rest is up for grabs.

Some examples:

Clothing – Gotta wear clothes but instead of a name brand, the El Cheapos will suffice. And will only replace worn clothing rather than be fashion/trend conscious.

Appliances and devices – Repair rather than replace as often as possible. Good for the repairman business, bad for the manufacturing, distribution and sales businesses (not to mention the loss of sales taxes).

Entertainment – Bye bye! At least the library is still free. And they have DVDs too.

Travel – Only for business and urgent personal events. Fewer (if any) pure pleasure trips, day trips, 3-day weekends etc.

Home remodeling – Also bye bye! Critical repairs and replacements only. MasterPo is sure contractors all over are hurting.

MasterPo is certainly not the only one to have to take on this stance. Maybe for the rest of life.

Now tell MasterPo how the economy is going to grow?!

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