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March 19, 2011

Chasing Your Tail?

Pick your news: Summer of Recovery? Or, Rapidly spiraling down the drain?

Both sides have merit and have mountains of economic data and armies of “expert” opinions on why it is or is not so. So what else is new!

MasterPo has stated this years’ goal is a quest for the truth about which way the American economy and, to a broader extent, the direction of the country as a whole. So far, the search has been as successful as a blind man in a fish market.

Not for the lack of available information. Not at all. In fact, quite the contrary.

Information overload.

If you read some websites and listen to some sources we are standing in the doorway of the unknown about to step off into the abyss of economic insanity and ‘Beyond Thunder Dome’ sociology!

Other websites say we’re doing just fine, only a few minor bumps, but we are so clearly better off now than we were 2 years ago.

So which is it?

Part of the problem is: No one really knows!

Economies don’t perform like trained seals for the fish. And people’s economic behaviors are best guesses at the most. At the same time, people have a knack for making their dreams (or nightmares) come true. The proverbial self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you want to believe the country is about to dissolve into a post-apocalyptic ‘Road Warrior’ scenario there are plenty of source that will vindicate your beliefs.

Similarly, if you believe this is all just a speed bump on the road of life and it will be lobster and Champaign again in a few years that point of view is equally well supported from many sources.

So which is it?

MasterPo still doesn’t know. But gets the feeling time isn’t on the side of waiting to see.

The quest continues…

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