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November 10, 2010

Setting The Record Straight: Part 1 – Tax or No Tax?

It would seem that some readers of The Pofile (and of MasterPo on other sites) have gotten several misconceptions of some of the position MasterPo takes on various subjects. MasterPo believes he has been crystal clear on everything he has said (and repeatedly said) but apparently misunderstandings still thrive. Or it could just be that some people simply read one thing and prefer to think another. (Funny how the “broad brush” only flows in one direction.)

In this article MasterPo will address one of those misconceptions.

MasterPo is not a zero-tax person!

(For those unfamiliar, a zero-tax person/advocate is someone who says there shouldn’t be any taxation at all.)

MasterPo has said many many times that some minimal level of taxation is necessary for the operation of government at the Federal, State and local levels. The U.S. Constitution provides for certain functions of the government (as well as in the Constitution of the individual states) such as military/defense, interstate and international commerce, boarders and sovereign security, Federal elections, a judicial system etc. On the state and local levels functions such as public education, municipal water/sewer/garbage, roads, local police and judicial systems, etc. are the function of having local communities. It is clearly proper for all Americans to pay a minimal amount of tax in order to fund these operations for these are the functions that define a sovereign nation and the communities that compose a nation as opposed to a loose confederation or association.

The difference is that MasterPo has repeatedly stated his belief (which is echoed by many many others) that we as a nation are at a point of too much taxation cumulative for all levels of government. Everything and anything you want to do in life now requires paying some form of tax – either directly as a tax or disguised loosely as a “fee”, “permit”, “license”, “registration”, “filing”, “excise”, “duty”, “usage”, required purchase under penalty of law, etc. – to do. MasterPo is hard pressed to think of anything that doesn’t involve some level of taxation, if not directly on the individual then on the business or organization or someone else involved in the activity.

What is worse, for the last 40-50 years we have been told that if we ‘only’ paid just a bit more tax on this or that then whatever problems or ills could be solved.

The tax was levied.
The money was collected.
The funds were paid out.
But the problems still exist.

And then our leaders (said very loosely) tell the American people if we only paid just a bit more then we really could solve these problems and have paradise on Earth. So the taxes go up and/or new taxes are levied, money collected and paid out, the problem persists, and so on and so on year in and year out.

The problems we face today are not because as Americans we are taxed too little!

To believe we can run a nation – much less a state, city or county – with no taxes whatsoever would be a truly foolish idea. Civilization throughout history have collected some form of payment from its members to support functions common to all the citizens.

The issue is not if there should be taxation.
It is how much tax and what kind of tax (as well as how it is spent).

To that end MasterPo does not object to taxation.

(You hear that Ricky!)

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