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September 23, 2010

What Can the Republicans REALLY Do??

Sooooooo many people seem to have soooooooo much riding on a Republican sweep come the November elections. Same with the Tea Party candidates. Talk about ’hope’ and ‘change’!

While ‘hope’ in a good future outcome and ‘faith’ that things will get better after this or that event is a vital human need (if for nothing else than mental health and the will to go on) , blind hope is largely what got the nation into this mess in the first place! That is, putting all your future desirers and dreams on the line for one event is a recipe for sorrow.

But let’s try to be upbeat and presume the Republicans (and Tea Party) sweep the Congress in November. And for good measure, let’s presume a Republican majority in the Senate too.

Now what?

What exactly can the Republicans do Johnny-on-the-spot to even make a meaningful dent in the national problems?

National debt and deficit
Unemployment and the economyTaxes (including Obamacare)
Terrorism (including Iran)
Oil and energy
World opinion of the U.S.
Government corruption

Just to name a few problems…

What can the Republicans do?

Even if they all stick together on every single issue and vote (which rarely happens), even if they govern conservatively (hopefully they learned their lesson from 2006), even if they enact very austere and conservative legislation to address these issues (presuming it doesn’t get watered down in committee or savaged in the media), they do not have the votes to override an Obama veto which he will almost certainly do for the majority of their proposed legislation.

Indeed, with the number of czars (about 30 as of writing this!) and various other appointed/unelected administrators already working on this and that Obama agenda items, does any legislation really even matter anymore?

But presuming all the positives above of a Republican victory in November and the passage and signing of good legislation, things will still take a great deal of time to turn around. In many case it may be already too little too late.

MasterPo is all for a Republican victory in the November elections. Even if it results in just government grid lock that still would be preferable to going the way we are headed now. But a blind hope of grand and immediate expectations for a 180 turn around (or even a 90 turn) is desperate at best.

Vote your opinion in November, be it Republican, Tea Party, or Democrat.

But realize and accept that once the novelty of the win is over (very quickly) and reality sets in, not a whole lot will change.


Grace. said...

It strikes me as a sad statement on the political state of our union that I, a knee-jerk liberal, agree with you. At this point in time, I don't think either party can do much. On the other hand, I'm appalled at the looniness of so many of the tea party candidates--I've always rather liked 'outsiders' but my preference is that they be sane.

MasterPo said...

Grace - Truth is truth.

Though what "looniness" you refer to MasterPo doesn't see.

Can't be much worse than many of the dumb things Pelosi or Reid Or Peters have said these past years.