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June 23, 2010

The Classless Society Myth & Dangers

A classless society. The dream of all Socialists, Marxists, Communists and Progressives.

No more lower class, middle class, and definitely no more upper class! We’re all one uniform “class” of people with equality and social justice for all.

MasterPo has read about the dream of a classless society all MasterPo’s adult life (and even earlier). The reason MasterPo writes about this topic now is something recently read struck a cord.

On Yahoo Finance’s Tech Ticker site, in response to an article posted, a Yahoo user calling herself (if it really is a female, going to make that presumption) CalifBlonde posted the following comment:

“Middle class, Upper class, lower class...blah blah blah.... Seriously now; give Thanks to Obama and the Democratic party staying the course and we will soon be a classless society. Finally!”

It can sometimes be difficult when reading comments online to know if the author is serious, sarcastic, or just trying to yank your chain to get a rise for kicks. MasterPo is a frequent reader of Tech Ticker and often sees CalifBlonde’s comments post. Her comments definitely fall into that category of uncertainty.

However, this article isn’t about CalifBlonde per se. It is about the concept – the classless society – that she seems to be espousing.

MasterPo wants a classed society!

Yes, you read right.

A classless society is the final step on the road to 100% socialism and/or Marxism, and totalitarianism.

First reason: Having the strata of 3 classes (lower, middle, and upper) is an excellent motivation for hard work, risk, doing the right thing by way of yourself/family/society, and provides inspiration for striving for achievement. Whether you like it or not (and I suspect many socialists don’t like it) people gather their resources and push onward in life because they are inspired and motivated to get out of their current class and rise up into the next class.

Someone who is poor rarely enjoys it. Through hard work and commitment they have the real chance (but not a guarantee!) of rising into the middle class and even the upper class.
Someone in the middle class takes on greater risk for the chance to be in the upper class. They dream the dream and try to make it happen through work, innovation and risk.

And someone in the upper class continues to work hard (believe it or not!) to stay in the upper class. Even when someone in a higher class falls into a lower class (due to whatever circumstances) knowing there is a higher level. MasterPo has been there, done that.

Second Reason: Government can not raise “the poor” to an upper class status. That isn’t saying government can’t mandate (and a HUGE cost to the nation, i.e. tax payers!) people in certain status get this-or-that for free (as with National Healthcare now). But no government policy can raise up a person. That is something the individual must do themselves.

However, government can reduce or lower someone in the upper classes down to a lower class via the same policies and mandates.

Is that the classless society you want to live in?

Third Reason: Do you seriously and realistically think the super-uber Hollywood/celebrity/politico rich people are going to allow – much less be happy about it! – themselves to be torn down in social and economic status?!

George Clooney
Rosie O’Donnell
Barbara Streisand
Tom Hanks
Oprah Winfrey
Sean Penn
John Travolta
Danny Glover
Tom Cruise
Martin Sheen
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Michael Moore
Charles Rangel
The Obamas
The Clintons
(just to name a few)

Does anyone REALLY believe any one of these people (and others) will just cheerfully give up all their wealth, assets, possessions etc and live the humble life of a “classless” citizen of society?

Class is in session.
Enjoy it.
Live it.
Thank Heavens for it!

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