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September 21, 2009

Death of a Ferrari Salesman

Do you know anyone who owns a Ferrari? Or a Porsche? Or any other high end car?

I don't.

But so what?

Some people do and that's none of anyone else's business.

In the America of Obama "the rich" are the enemies of the nation. "The rich" are more a threat than any terrorist or foreign power. What with their fancy-shmancy high priced cars and toys.

So they should be taxed out the butt for daring to have sooooo much money.

This appeals to a great many people. Manipulating class envy is a skill well honed by liberals.

But before you say this doesn't affect you stop and really think about.

Someone has to be the salesman who sells "the rich" the car.
Someone has to be the owner of the dealership that offers these kinds of cars.
Someone has to be the mechanic that services these cars.
Someone has to be the seller (and possibly manufacturer) of the parts that are used to repair the car.
Someone has to be the insurance agent that sells the policy to the own of the car.
And yes, someone has to be the seller of the evil gasoline the car uses as fuel.

That is also not to mention the government gets a boat load of tax revenue at each of these transactions in the form of sales tax, import tax, registration tax, excise tax, etc.

So when "the rich" buy a Ferrari or other high end car a lot of people have jobs selling and servicing that car.

Now tax away the extra money "the rich" might use to buy such a car and a lot of people loose work. A lot of non-rich people.

The point being that when "the rich" buy the products and services they can afford that makes jobs and incomes for many others too. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Perhaps not the people that some would like to see have jobs, and perhaps not paid what some think they should be paid (though what person is every totally satisfied with what they are paid?!) but that is an economy.

A lot of people's jobs, income and very livelihoods depend on "the rich" spending their excess money on things not immediately essential but are extra to life. More over, no economy in history has ever grown and no nation has ever been financial strong by just supplying the mere basics of daily life.

Look around your own neighborhoods. I guarantee that at least 75% of the shops and stores and services sold in your area are extra to life, not basic fundamental necessities. Even the food you buy can be cut down to one or two basic supply stores. Not the wide range of specialized (e.g. Italian, Chinese, BBQ, deli, pizza, etc) that is common even in the smallest towns.

No person ever got their own lives better by taking away freedom of choice from someone else (unless they are a dictator).

If you know someone who has let me know.

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