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July 16, 2009

I Was Right! (But Wish I Wasn't) – An Open Letter to The Adoption Nazis on Craigslist

You know who you are.

You know what you did to me when I explained the tragedy of how my wife and I tried to adopt a little girl from a misguided young girl and her drunkard, abusive, felonious multi-convicted (including having served 3 years in state prison for child abuse!) and still on probation boyfriend 20 years her senior.

You know how you ripped me and my wife:

  • That it somehow as our fault they backed out 48 hours after the birth.

  • That somehow it was our fault we wanted to give this innocent child an chance and opportunities in life she would never get with an immature mother and drunk abusive father.

  • That it was somehow our fault we (as well as lawyers, social workers, doctors and nurses) warned the girl that if the father was abusive now having a baby around wasn't going to make things better and that it is a very short step from verbal and emotional abuse to physical violence!

  • That it was all our fault for going in with honest good intensions and good faith, paid all legal expenses for the family up to and including birth expenses.
    That somehow it was we who were awful, manipulative and uncaring people for wanting to do good for an innocent new life.

  • That we just didn't understand the mother/child bond even if it is with a loose, drinking, drug using young mother and her 20+ year older drunk, abusive, near-do-well multi-convicted boyfriend.

  • That we were too nose in the air thinking our home and lives could provide a safer, cleaning, more loving environment full of hope and opportunities for the child than these two people ever could hope for.
And I won't even touch your preaching of agency, agency, agency! (as opposed to private adoption - do you work on commission for agencies??)

Well all you do-gooders and holier-than-thou pompous adoption Nazi's, get your heads out of your asses and listen up!

Recently we found out that we (as well as the lawyers, social workers, doctors, nurses etc) were right – most unfortunately.

The birth mother had the birth father arrested for domestic violence and child abuse!

As of writing this his butt is sitting in jail awaiting a hearing for a restraining order (among other things).

We don't know the condition of the mother or child and can only hope both (especially the child) are OK and safe.

We can only hope she follows through on the arrest and prosecution, and doesn't take the all too common abused woman/mother stance of forgiving him "just one more time". The next time she may not be able to call for help.

I wanted all you adoption Nazi's asses on Craigslist to know this because in your total-control/narrow-minded view of what an adoption is and how birth parents behave this is all impossible and never happens. I must be making it up (that's what you told me and my wife countless times when we recited this adoption experience as well as other failed attempts over the last 2 years).

There is an 18 month old little girl who needs help. Unfortunately she is beyond our power to help now due to the poor decisions of these trash people. My wife and I now have our own beautiful little girl we love so dearly but I still hold a small corner of my heart for the one that got away.

If you have any measure of human compassion left in your close minds and little hearts you will say a prayer for this baby. She is the true victim on all this human tragedy for she is innocent of any choice in the matter.

And maybe, just maybe, after you read this and before you click the Post Comments button to rip me yet again you can look in the mirror and ask yourself "Maybe I was wrong?"

G-d bless and watch over the child.

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MasterPo said...

A restraining order was granted. But a leopard doesn't change its spots. As of now the father is back in jail for violating the order.