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April 6, 2009

Demonizing: The First Sign of Totalitarianism!

Demonizing. Where would a despot and totalitarian government be without a demon?

No, I'm not talking paranormal or occult. I mean demonizing a group or class of people (their own citizens!) as being the #1 source of all the problems the country faces.

Bolshevik Russia had the Czar.
Stalinist Russia had the "Great Purge".
Nazi Germany had the Jews.
Imperial Japan had anyone who wasn't Japanese.
Joe McCarthy had the Communists.

The list goes on and on.

Today in America, our demons are "the rich". And according to our President Obama "the rich" is now anyone making over a mere $75,000/yr (gross of course).

And if you check history, many despots and totalitarian governments always start by targeting "the rich" in the name of helping the "working" people. Yet these countries always fail in the end!


Because you can't have a growing prosperous economy without people getting rich and keeping it! Life is not a board game where all the pieces go back in the box at the end of the day. No nation has ever succeed (and no government has ever stood the test of time for very long) by destroying "the rich" class in their society. If anything, history proves that attacking "the rich" just leads to greater disparity between economic classes and greater political corruption as those who are truly "super rich" buy the favors of those in government at the cost to everyone else.

It's an easy answer: The problems you face are because of your greedy "rich" boss. I don't argue that putting profits before people has hurt some. But that's the purpose of a business – to make money for its owners. Period. I've discussed that at length in other articles.

President Obama says we are all responsible for each other. So I suppose government policy now is I am my brother's keeper.

But you can't force me to care for my brother at the cost of caring for myself and my family. That's virtual slavery.

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alina said...

Great post, Po. You might enjoy my latest project, the top 100 books on totalitarianism. Let me know if you'd like to weigh in.

MasterPo said...

Thank you for your comments.

How about adding "Change We Can Believe In" by you-know-who.