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September 22, 2008

Your Debit is Bush's Fault???

Another popular sport the last couple of years (and probably for years to come) is Bush bashing. That is, blame all the ills and problems of life on President George Bush.

While I agree to an extent that who ever occupies the office of President in good times gets the credit (deservedly or not) and who sits there in bad times gets the blame too, some of this blame is ridiculous. Namely your debt!

More and more I'm hearing and reading that people's mortgage and credit card debts are George Bush's fault.

Please! Someone explain how??

Did George Bush force you to sign that mortgage agreement?
Did George Bush tell you to put that $4,000 plasma TV on your credit card?


What did you think would happen?

When someone who works at Wendy's for $9/hr or on a loading dock somewhere for $11/hr goes to borrow $200,000 or $300,000 for a mortgage someone explain to me how that person thought in their wildest dreams they could afford it?

Oh sure, people will blame the greedy banks for making the loans, and blame Bush for his policies that made the banks greedy (someone point out just one of those policies please!). But at the end of the day it was YOU in front of the mortgage application with pen in hand signing away payments for the next 20-30 years. So unless George Bush was standing next to you with a baseball bat in hand ready to swing at your head if you didn't sign it, as Pink sang – it's just you and your hand!

Grow up!!

If you can't pay your mortgage or credit card bills it's your fault. Not the President's.

Consider it a hard lesson in life. Next time think, as tough as it may be.

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